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Part of the Pueblo Railway Foundation, a 501(c)3 Charity: 301 WEST B STREET SUITE 100, PUEBLO, CO 81003 PHONE: 719-544-1773
All the equipment and railcars belong to either the Foundation (a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization),
or are on loan by their owners who also are Museum members.

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Images from our Past
KOAA-TV: PRF Trolley in
Pueblo Parade of Lights
Read about the AMTRAK Exhibit train visitng the Pueblo Railway Museum's Rail Fair 2017

Until the Safer at Home order for Colorado is fully lifted, all activities at the
Pueblo Railway Museum are reduced.
Please check our facebook site for news when our status changes.

While activities at the Museum are reduced, opportunities still exist for
learning about
railroad history and how the
railroads impact our lives today and yesterday. And, the history
is just a few clicks away, does not require facemasks to access, and is accessible from home.

Be aware, exposure to history seems dull at first, but can become addictive. Once travel
returns, you just might journey to some of the historical sites and find yourself
lost in thought about the people, technologies, and cultures that created the USA.

To get you started on this journey, we recommend starting with information about Colorado
railroads, since the PRF is based in Pueblo, Colorado, but also because of the wealth of history
(good and bad) that Colorado railroading impacted.

To get started, click here. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Thanks to all who attended, and volunteered to help, during our annual
Pueblo Express.
All 4 days were well attended, with many happy riders and cookie eaters!
Join us Next Year!

Nov: Thanks to all who attended our 2019 Christmas Toy Run!
Oct :
Thanks to all who attended our 2019 Cemetery Express.
From many comments received, our spook caboose was a hit!

July 4, 2019:
Thanks to all who attended our Annual Independence Day Breakfast and Train rides.
Even with temps topping 100+ degrees, we had a dedicated set of visitors and staff members.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway
, the Pueblo Railway Museum is now the caretaker of the massive snow removal
system used for many decades in clearing the cog railway to the top of Pikes Peak. The system
consists of a "compact" cog-driven locomotive, with a gigantic snow grater that would make
any homeowner envious. Several YouTube videos exist that show this system "in action".
An example is:

The entire cog railway is under going a multi-year rebuild of all trackage and equipment,
but the current equipment will not operate on the track scale available from the only
manufacturer of cog railway equipment. While the tracks and cog rails are being
salvaged, nearly all equipment that
operated on these tracks have been donated to
railway historical endeavors across the country.

The PRF is honored that the Cog Railway Snow Blower is now part of our family of
Maintenance of Way
after its many years of successful operations.

Additionally, while the Pike Peak Cog Railway is being rebuilt, a new Pikes Peak
Summit Complex
on the mountain top
is also being built.

When all is completed, there will be new tracks, new coaches, and a new facility to
greet visitors. Plus, spur interest in other Pikes Peak area attractions, like the PRF!

Please visit our Facebook Events page for additional photos.

Click here to visit the Pueblo Railway Museum's YouTube Channel for videos and commentaries
Read about the AMTRAK Exhibit train visiting the Pueblo Railway Museum's Rail Fair 2017
This visit was not on the original schedule, but was provided as a gift from Amtrak.
It was greatly appreciated and well-attended.


Check Out the "Rocket Cars"! the Rohr, the Grumman, the Garrett

and the Railway Museum's Display at the Pueblo Heritage Center!


Hold your Birthday Parties, meetings and other events
at the Pueblo Railway Museum !

Fun and educational for all, and helps raise funds to support our activities !
We have RR cars which can be rented. For an additional charge, train rides
can be provided.  Please contact Ron at 719-251-5024 to schedule your event.




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Pueblo Heritage Museum
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Fun ~ Interesting ~ Educational ~ For All Ages
We invite all, rail buff or not, resident or visitor to visit the Pueblo Railway Museum where you can see, touch, enter, and sometimes ride the
locomotives and cars that made railroad history. We are home to the massive AT&SF #2912, the largest steam locomotive of its type built, and three operating GP-7 diesel locomotives.  Our goal is historic preservation of railroad artifacts and history and making them available to our guests. 
Educational programs are being implemented. 

Rail Yard Museum and Gift Shop
The Pueblo Railway Museum includes locomotives, passenger, freight and special-purpose cars in the rail yards behind and a short distance to the west of the historic 1889 Pueblo Union Depot. The Depot, privately owned and rented for stores, restaurants and offices, is a national historic landmark and the hallways are a museum themselves. Our gift shop and visitors center is in a former caboose, later used as a training car, and offers clothing and other rail-related merchandise for all ages. The gift shop plus several of the cars are sometimes open to the public and can be visited at other times by contacting our on-site guide, Ron Roach at 719-251-5024.  

Train Watching
Tracks of the main lines of both the UP and the BNSF pass alongside our museum yard tracks. This is part of the famous "joint line". More than 25 trains per day pass through.  A great photo location for railfans.  We see many unusual things such as continuous welded rail trains, hauling rail one quarter mile long from the large rail welding plant in Pueblo and we see all new locomotives and other equipment enroute to and from the "test track" facility northeast of Pueblo operated by the American Association of Railroads for the Federal Railway Administration

Union Pacific "Heritage Fleet" SD70 D&RGW passes by the Museum. Photo by Ron Roach
"SD70/90" on its way
to the Test Track
Aircraft fuselage
passing through

Pueblo Heritage Center

Our museum includes exhibits at the Pueblo Heritage Center (formerly called the Southeastern Colorado Heritage Museum). Hours are 10AM to 4PM Tues. thru Sat. Displays of railroad artifacts are complemented with interpretive information showing how each item was used and the history of its development. Exhibits are rotated from time to time to reflect popular themes as they relate to railroading. Besides the rail area of the museum, the exhibits of the Heritage Center itself and the other member historical societies are very interesting and worth the visit. The Heritage Center is across the street from the Depot at 201 West "B" Street.

Donate to the Museum
Donations are what enables us to continue to maintain and grow the museum, and to preserve Pueblo's great railroad history. To see how you can help, please visit our Donations Page. Also contact information.

For Information/Tours: 719-251-5024