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The Pueblo Railway Museum is a program of the Pueblo Railway Foundation ("PRF"). Our mission is historic preservation of railroad equipment and history. The ultimate goal is to promote and foster an interest in railroading, the study and preservation of railroad history, the impact of the railroad on the history of Pueblo and the growth of the United States and related subjects for the education and satisfaction of all.  By displaying and actually operating rail equipment we make history come alive. We already are working with the local schools to provide special tours as a class activity and with the Public Library on summer educational activitie

The Pueblo Railway Foundation was formed in 2003 to continue and expand the collections and activities of the Pueblo Locomotive and Rail Historical Society (PLRHS).  The PRF has continued to expand the collection.  We are an all-volunteer organization. Administrative and fund raising expenses are kept to a minimum as it is our policy to concentrate on our mission of preserving and interpreting rail history and sharing it with others.

We depend upon support from the public, private foundations, corporations and government to acquire and restore railroad artifacts and conduct our day to day activities. We are a 501(c)-3 tax exempt organization. Donations, including our membership dues, are tax deductible to the full extent permitted, depending on the donors tax situation. We also need donations of goods, services and railway artifacts. Volunteers are needed in every aspect of museum operation, rail yard maintenance and historic preservation projects. If you can help us in any way please see our Donations Page.

Pueblo's Role in Railroading
Pueblo, in southeastern Colorado, has been a major rail center since the late 1800s. Our collection specializes in the five roads which once served Pueblo prior to their recent consolidation into two major roads and includes the only collection of Colorado & Wyoming (C&W) locomotives and cars. C&W serves Rocky Mountain Steel Mills, formerly Colorado Fuel & Iron Company (CF&I). The coming of the railroads contributed to the growth of Pueblo into the largest industrial center west of the Mississippi from 1880 to about 1940. After 1940, due to war needs, new heavy industries including steel mills begin to open in California and other western states. All rail manufactured in the western U.S. still originates in Pueblo, just as it did since 1881. There is one manufacturer in the eastern United States. Japan has recently begun producing and exporting rail to U.S. Pueblo rail and other manufactured products helped build the railroads which settled the west. Pueblo is also home to the exclusive railroad testing facility for North America and one of few in the world. All new locomotives and rolling stock, some from abroad, are tested here for performance and safety. The facility is owned by the U.S. Department of Transportation and operated by a private company.

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