The Amtrak Exhibit Train Visits the Pueblo Railway Museum Deport Daze 2016

Railyard News 8 August 2016: The AMTRAK Exhibit Train was a major attraction on August 6 - 7 for Pueblo and southern Colorado! Attendence to the Exhibit Train was free to everyone, and an incentive to: attend the Rail Fair at the deport; purchase items from the vendors, including the Museum's mobile kitchen; learn from rail support organizations; purchase rides on the Pueblo Railway Museum's train; and, admire the reassembly activity of the ATSF 2912 locomotive. Attendence was beyond expectations, and excitement was high!

The Pueblo Railway Museum extends our sincere THANKS and praises for the wonderful experience provided by AMTRAK, and their support to the undergoing efforts of returning AMTRAK service to Pueblo CO! The exhibit was fascinating, and the support staff a pleasure to work with.

If anyone who could not visit over the weekend, several YouTube videos are available: Inside Tour of Amtrak's Exhibit Train and Walk through Amtrak's Exhibit Train and NS's Exhibit Car are just a couple.

Exhibit train arrives August 4, 2016:

----AMTRAK arrives on main track-----Eases into the yard next to the Patriot and 2912-------Sets up next to the 2912!--------

On Display August 6-7:

-----2912 shows off its shiney new paint job! Lots of "oohs" and "ahs!"------ --------Amtrak consist is huge!-----

----------------View from the bridge-----------------------Ground activity before the crowd arrived-------

Exhibit train Leaves August 7, 2016:

a5 a7 a6
-----Crew gets ready to leave---------- Consist crosses the road toward Switch ---Gets ready to join the BNSF line---

----------------------------------Heads into BNSF yard to queue up for access to Trinidad, CO ----------------------

Truely a wonderful event, especially as this was part of the final trip of this collection of cars.
Afterwards, several were returned to Amtrak Passenger service, or reassigned to other
Public Relation activities.

We Thank all the AMTRAK team, the mainline carriers,
and Our AMTRAK friend in making this one-of-a kind event possible!