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Would you like to have a special location for your family reunion, class reunion or just a fun day? How about a picnic and train ride at the Pueblo Railway Museum? You could bring your grill and cook hamburgers, etc.and after lunch you can have a train ride in one of our vintage cabooses, or in the cab of a GP-7 locomotive. For information call Ron at 719-251-5024


Rides will feature a GP-7 locomotive and authentic cabooses traveling from the museum located on B Street, just west of the Pueblo Union Depot, to the Power Plant near the River walk and return.

Proceeds from train rides help us pay the cost of maintaining the museum and its equipment.  Currently we do not charge admission to the outdoor museum.

For further information on scheduled and unscheduled events please call:
Ron at 719-251-5024 or Dee at 719-250-7576


The Pueblo Railway Foundation has a Fund Raising Program to cosmetically restore our Santa Fe (ATSF) Steam Locomotive # 2912. Wasatch Railroad Contractors of Cheyenne, Wyoming has given a bid of $250,000.00 to do the job.

The ATSF 2912 is on the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties that qualifies restoration projects for State Historic Funds. They require us to obtain $60,000.00 in matching funds. We are taking donations that apply to the sides and ends of the locomotive. We have graphed the locomotive and tender into numbered squares that can be sponsored. Sponsorhips start at $10 per square with "special" areas priced higher.

The 2912 will be restored to look just like she did when she was rolled out of the Baldwin Locomotive Works plant in 1944. She then will be displayed behind the Pueblo Union Depot.

Donations should be sent to the address below:

Pueblo Railway Foundation/Museum 2912 Fund
301 West "B" Street Suite 100
Pueblo, CO 81003

For More Information Please call: Dee (719) 250-7576 or Ron (719) 251-5024