The PRM is the culmination of all of our activities.  It is our interface with the general public, and for sharing our collections and knowledge.  The Pueblo Railway Museum is staffed by our volunteers.

Ongoing  maintenance of trackwork and equipment, both operating and on display, is an important facet of museum operation.  The grounds must be kept clean and safe at all times. Equipment is constantly being impacted by the extreme climate of 4000 feet above sea level.



Several restoration projects are in progress or planned for the historic equipment in our collection.  Our goal is to preserve this equipment and present it to our visitors as it was at the time of its greatest use.  New opportunities are always arising and we must prioritize them based on availability of funds and volunteers.


Some of our major preservation projects have been :

Repainting our GP-7 locomotive #102 to the "Patriot" scheme.  The paint job reproduces the "Bicentennial" paint scheme applied to GP-7 #200 in 1975 to honor our nation's 200th birthday.

The C&W 102 "Patriot" (After)   
 C&W 102   (Before)  

Some of our major preservation projects are:

Cosmetic restoration of steam locomotive #2912.  Some parts were removed for asbestos abatement and in preparation of a complete restoration. Restoration of large steam locomotives to operating condition is no longer economically feasible.  We do wish to restore this giant example of steam's final hour to original appearance and preserve it for future generations.  Project is currently under study to develop a reasonable plan.  The engine is a listed in the Colorado Register of Historic Places and Artifacts and thus eligible for certain  state restoration grants.  Many of these grants only pay 50% of the cost.  We created a  2912 FUND to raise the "matching funds" required to receive restoration grants for the purpose of saving this beautiful engine.



The museum presents living history to visitors and offers "hands on" experiences.  Alternating exhibits make each visit experience.  We currently engage in several specific educational programs:

  • Developing and conducting tours for school children in cooperation with schools.  This backs up history and science classroom experiences.
  • Periodic public events featuring "hands on" learning experiences and train rides.   Programs are held in conjunction with the Pueblo City-County Library District to encourage an appreciation of reading.  Some events are also a major source of income to the Pueblo Railway Foundation to support our programs and activities.
  • Promote safety at grade crossings and near railroad property.  We utilize materials from Operation Lifesaver, a sucessful safety awareness developed by the railroad industry.
  • Locating retired and veteran railroaders and documenting their oral histories while such a valuable resource is still available.  There are many retired railroaders in the Pueblo area.