C&S #10538 (above)- built of wood about 100 years ago and used until 1968.  Nicknamed "Woody" due to wood construction.  Interior is totally original.  Car was originally built in 1910 with side doors and no end platforms to a design dating from 1882.  In 1920 the side doors were removed and end platforms were installed.  This is oldest known caboose of this type in orginal condition in a museum.  There are 3 or 4 on display from the 10600 number series.  These cars were actually constructed to the same design during World War II.  Wood was used due to rationing of steel in effect at that time.  The museum recently completed an exterior restoration of this caboose supported by a grant from the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS).  Additional work is now being done on the cupola funded by a grant from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation.

C&W #100 (below)- bay window style later converted to "simulator car" for training engineers.  Now used as the museum gift shop and visitor center for out museum.

Missouri Pacific (MP) #1234 (above)- totally restored.  Few people are aware of the Mopac's presence in Colorado and their significant facilities once located in Pueblo.  The MP was later merged into the Union Pacific. 

C&W #03 - used on coal trains from the CF&I mines west of Trinidad. Nicknamed "Scrappy" as the road constructed this waycar from an old coal tender and a retired coal hopper car. 

D&RGW #1432(below) - typical steel caboose of the Rio Grande.  A nice car.

D&RGW #01432 interior

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