C&W GP-7 # 102      "The Patriot"

View the Transformation of the C&W 102 into the Patriot

Our GP-7's utilize an EMD Model 567B 16 cylinder engine developing 1,500 horsepower.  This drives a generator outputting about 600 volts DC which is transfered to transaction motors on the two 4 wheel powered trucks.  Our units are designed for heavy hauling service and have a gear ratio of 65/12 which limits the maximum speed to 55 MPH.  Maximum continuous tractive effort is 52,400 lbs.  Fuel capacity is 800 gallons, lubricating oil 200 gallons and cooling water is 220 gallons.  Each unit is 55' - 11" long overall and weighs approximately 240,000 lbs.  

2,724 GP-7's were manufactured in all, only 16 are believed to still exist, almost all in museums or displays.  It is unknown how many units are still operable such as our three. 

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