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The Pueblo Railway Museum is part of the Pueblo Railway Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization. All the equipment and railcars belong to either the Foundation, or are on loan by their owners who are also Museum members.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Pueblo Railway Foundation is to Operate, Preserve, and Display railroad equipment and history.

Welcome to our new website!

After three months of “technical difficulties”, the Pueblo Railway Foundation website is back! We have taken this opportunity to renovate the site to make it more modern, more mobile-friendly, more informative, and more intuitive. Our goal with this new website is to make it a significant resource for historical information about the items in our railroad collection. This website also features interesting facts about the history of railroading in Pueblo and the surrounding area.

The continuing development of this new website represents an ongoing commitment by the PRF to fulfill the educational aspect of its mission. We welcome your feedback.

2021 Bunny Express Status

February 14, 2021 –

After making the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Pueblo Express Christmas trains, the PRF Board of Directors is now in discussions on whether to host their Easter Bunny Express event this year. If the event is held, it would be on Saturday, April 3. Check back often, as updates on the status of this event will be posted here.

Until the Safer at Home order for Colorado is fully lifted, all activities at the Pueblo Railway Museum are reduced.

The Cemetery Express
Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Museum ran a pretty scary Halloween event train on Halloween night, and it was a pretty good time! We had a good number of guests over the four hour period, at times almost overwhelming, but for the most part steady. Thanks to everyone who attended, and for our volunteers who ran the event – Ron Roach, Maureen King, Romey Mars, Reid Adams, Colin Mellin, Paul Brown, Dee Applegate, and Jerry Dandurand. Thanks also to Dwight Maxey, for getting some issues taken care of on our equipment before we got started. Special thanks to John McDowell, who did an outstanding job of “ghosting” our Haunted Railcar, decorating the interior even scarier than last year!!

To give you an idea of what our events are like, check out our YouTube channel, which has lots of cool videos recounting some of our past events. Click here for a list of videos.

Railroading History

Although activities at the Museum are curtailed, opportunities still exist for learning about railroad history and how the railroads of yesterday continue to impact our lives today. The history is just a few clicks away, does not require facemasks to access, and is accessible from home.

Be aware, exposure to history seems dull at first, but can become addictive. Once COVID restrictions ease, and recreational travel becomes possible again, consider a journey to some of Colorado’s many historic railroad sites, and find yourself lost in thought about the people, technologies, and cultures that created the USA.

To get you started on this journey, we recommend information about Colorado railroads, since the Pueblo Railway Foundation is based in Pueblo, Colorado, but also because the railroads had a great deal of impact (both good and bad) on the history of our great state.

The “Learn More” button below will take you to a page which has several links to the History Colorado website. We hope you enjoy the journey.

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