Welcome to the website of the Pueblo Railway Museum

The Pueblo Railway Museum is part of the Pueblo Railway Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization. All the equipment and railcars belong to either the Foundation, or are on loan by their owners who are also Museum members.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Pueblo Railway Foundation is to Operate, Preserve, and Display railroad equipment and history.

The Pueblo Railway Foundation and Museum are funded in part by the City of Pueblo and the County of Pueblo, through annual grants awarded by the Community Services Advisory Commission.

Welcome to our website!

For this new website, launched in February of 2021, we have taken the opportunity to renovate the site to make it more modern, more mobile-friendly, more informative, and more intuitive. Our goal with this website is to make it a significant resource for historical information about the items in our railroad collection. This website also features interesting facts about the history of railroading in Pueblo and the surrounding area.

The continuing development of this new website represents an ongoing commitment by the PRF to fulfill the educational aspect of its mission. We welcome your feedback.

Hours of Operation

You can visit our Museum during one of our public events, or visit any time during daylight hours behind the Pueblo Union Depot for a self-guided tour. You can also call our Tour Guide, Ron Roach, at 719-544-1773 for a guided tour of our restoration shop where there is even more to see! For details on all the different ways you can visit our Museum, click here.

The Pueblo Railway Museum – a “Closer Look”

Dave Dandurand, the webmaster for the Museum’s website, was interviewed last year by Dan Beck, Regional Public Affairs Manager for K-LOVE radio in Phoenix, Arizona. The interview originally aired on June 13, 2021, on their radio program called “Closer Look”. The interview is available online at the link below.

Dan Beck spends his time at K-LOVE searching online for nonprofits and agencies serving communities in areas where their radio network has stations. One of his topics of interest has been highlighting the existence of museums and other civic spaces which were either temporarily closed, or very restricted during the pandemic. Dan was particularly interested in the Pueblo Railway Museum because he is a bit of a railroad fan himself!

If you are not familiar with the Pueblo Railway Museum (or even if you are!), this interview is a great way to learn more about who we are, why we do what we do, how you can visit us, how you can contribute to our work, and how we connect with and preserve Pueblo’s railroad history.

To listen to the radio interview, click here.

Join us for Train Rides at the Depot on Saturday, May 21!

Join us on Saturday, May 21, at the Pueblo Union Depot, for the second event of the Pueblo Railway Museum’s 2022 train ride season! This event will take place from 11AM to 3PM, and marks the debut of a new piece of equipment on our train. Our GP7 engine and our usual Rio Grande and Missouri Pacific cabooses, are joined for this event by our Colorado & Wyoming caboose #3, to give our visitors something new to see and ride! Train ride tickets are $15 for a ride in the engine, and $8 for a ride in one of the (three!) cabooses. Cash or check only, please. Each train ride is approximately 20 minutes, so there will be multiple opportunities during the event to ride the train.

For this event, our volunteers will be talking a lot about the history of our engines, cabooses, and other museum vehicles and artifacts. Use our educational handouts from the event to learn more about what the Pueblo Railway Museum has to offer.

Also, since May 21 is Armed Forces Day, we would like to take this opportunity to give a special salute to our visitors who are current or former members of the Armed Forces and their families. We thank you for your service!

Some of our museum volunteers will be running a “hot dog stand” for this event. The cost of the food is not included in the train ride fare.

For a list of all of our planned events in 2022, click here.

To receive news on upcoming events, follow our blog by entering your email address on the bottom of this webpage, and click the “follow” button.

The Easter Bunny Express
April 16, 2022

On Saturday, April 16, the Museum operated our Easter Bunny Express, complete with the Bunny Hutch Caboose! Colin Mellin, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley, Reid Adams, Ron Roach, Jerry Dandurand, Mary & Matt Winterrowd, John McDowell, and Paul Brown all worked hard to keep up with the crowds! Even the Easter Bunny was seen breaking a sweat to visit with everyone who came out! It sure seemed like everyone enjoyed the day out and the chance to do something different. We had around 200 riders for our Easter Bunny Express, so this was a great event for the Museum!

To see photos of the event, check out our blog page, and make sure to enter your email address at the bottom of the page to follow our blog and get the latest news on our upcoming events!

To give you an idea of what our events are like, check out our YouTube channel, which has lots of cool videos showing some of our past events. Click here for a list of videos.

Railroading History

As the effects of the pandemic continue to linger, it may seem difficult at times to get out and visit railroad museums like ours to learn about the history of the railroads in our great state of Colorado. Nevertheless, opportunities do exist online for learning about railroad history and how the railroads of yesterday continue to impact our lives today. The history is just a few clicks away, does not require facemasks to access, and is accessible from home.

Be aware, exposure to history seems dull at first, but can become addictive. As recreational travel gradually becomes more “normal” again, consider a journey to some of Colorado’s many historic railroad sites, and find yourself lost in thought about the people, technologies, and cultures that created the USA.

To get you started on this journey, we recommend information about Colorado railroads, since the Pueblo Railway Foundation is based in Pueblo, Colorado, but also because the railroads had a great deal of impact (both good and bad) on the history of our great state.

The “Learn More” button below will take you to a page which has several links to the History Colorado website. We hope you enjoy the journey.

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