Rocket Cars

“Maybe by preserving the past, we can incite some interest in some folks to take a good hard look at what we might want to do in the future. Because we can learn from the past, if we will take the time to look at it.”

Dr. Ray Sisson, Curator, Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, November 2008

Welcome to our special section on the Pueblo Railway Museum’s high-speed transportation prototypes.

These three vehicles are all one-of-a-kind, found nowhere else in the world. Although these vehicles were never rocket-propelled, we call them our “Rocket Cars” – a nickname given to them by one of our Museum members because of their futuristic design.  Many of our Museum visitors who see these vehicles for the first time actually wonder if they are spaceships!

Meet our Rocket Cars

“The Grumman”: Grumman Aerospace “TLRV” (Tracked Levitated Research Vehicle), a true air-levitated hovercraft
“The Garrett”: Garrett AIResearch “LIMRV” (Linear Induction Motor Research Vehicle), designed to run on standard gauge railroad tracks
“The Rohr”: Rohr Industries, Inc. Aerotrain “TACV” (Tracked Air Cushioned Vehicle)

One of these three Rocket Cars holds a speed record. Can you guess which one?

Because we at the Pueblo Railway Museum are the custodians of these historic artifacts, our goal is to make this website the “place to go” for information about these vehicles. So there is a lot of information here, in the form of text, pictures and videos. Click on the links below to start learning more about the history of each of the Rocket Cars, and the spirit of innovation that created them.

Video: Hovertrains of Yesterday’s Tomorrow

This 11-minute 2014 short film by Jérôme Tillier shows unnarrated video footage of all three Rocket Cars, with Mozart music for dramatic effect!

Video: Pueblo Railway Museum on C-SPAN

Click here to view a 5-minute C-SPAN video where Museum Tour Guide Ron Roach talks about our three Rocket Cars.

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