Further Reading on the Subject of Rocket Cars

Reports to Congress prepared by the Secretary of Transportation

The High Speed Ground Transportation Act of 1965 was the Congressional driving force behind the creation of the Pueblo High Speed Test Center, and the development and testing of the Museum’s three Rocket Cars. Under this Act of Congress, the Secretary of Transportation was required to report, to Congress and the President, results of research and development, along with recommendations for future action. Four of these reports are the source of much of the information documented in this Rocket Car section of our Museum website. These reports, in PDF format, can be downloaded using the links below:

Other documents:

Technical documents for the hard core geeks:

An Engineer’s Perspective

Below is a link to a website created by Shawn Driscoll, son of John Driscoll, one of the engineers at Rohr Industries who worked on our Rohr Aerotrain. Shawn’s write-up includes history on all three of our Rocket Cars, and some of the motivations behind their creation and development.

The Rohr Aerotrain Tracked Air-Cushion Vehicle (TACV)

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