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Visiting Us At The Museum

If you’ve never been to the Pueblo Railway Museum, you’ll find this page very useful. Here, you’ll learn about three different ways you can visit us. Catching a ride on a real train is of course a very cool thing to do. But you can also visit and take a look around, just like a normal indoor museum, except our exhibits are outdoors.

The best way to visit our Museum is to come to one of our public events. Our events take place in the “trainyard” behind the Pueblo Union Depot. The Pueblo Union Depot is located on “B” Street at the southwest end of Victoria Avenue, in historic downtown Pueblo. Train rides are only offered during these public events, unless special arrangements are made (see below). Ticket prices will vary depending on what kind of trains we are running, but the prices will be published in advance on our website.

While many of our events were cancelled last year due to pandemic restrictions, we are planning a full schedule this year. For a list of our public events for 2021, go to our Events Page. Subscribe to our blog to get the latest information on upcoming events. To subscribe, enter your email address at the bottom of this page and click the big purple “FOLLOW” button. NOTE: For the foreseeable future, masks and social distancing will continue to be enforced during our events.

You can also come and visit the Museum for a self-guided tour to see some of our “outdoor equipment”. Admission is free. Since our train cars are outside, there are no “hours of operation” – come anytime during daylight hours. We are working to improve our website with historical information about the train cars in the yard. For safety reasons, please do not try to climb onto any of the cars.

We also offer guided tours in the area around the Museum’s restoration shop near the north end of “D” Street, two blocks northeast of the trainyard. Many of our most interesting train car exhibits are in and around our D Street Shop. You can also get a guided tour of the trainyard. Our tour guide, Ron Roach, is an encyclopedia of information on all of our exhibits. For a guided tour of the trainyard and/or the D Street Shop, call Ron at 719-544-1773.

By special arrangement, train rides on dates other than public events can be scheduled in advance for large groups. If you are interested in this kind of arrangement, please email us.

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