Paul’s Blog – July 24, 2021

On Saturday, July 24, Dwight Maxey, David Hunter, Tyler Seeley and Paul Brown got some track work done. Our main goal was to remove dirt and rock from on top of a stretch of ties in the sharp curve leading to the shop area, and to install some gauge rods in the curve. Most of the morning was spent by all four volunteers removing the dirt and rocks to allow a better visible assessment of the track structure. After a short lunch break, the crew spent time installing the gauge rods on the track and cleaning up the edges of the track “right of way”. This is part of an ongoing project to make the track through this sharp curve more secure for operation.

I have included a few pictures to better describe the work completed.

– Paul

A “Closer Look” at our Museum!

One of our volunteers was on the radio recently! Dave Dandurand, the webmaster for the Museum, was interviewed by Dan Beck, Regional Public Affairs Manager for K-LOVE radio in Phoenix, Arizona. The interview originally aired on June 13 on their radio program called “Closer Look”, and the interview is now available online.

Dan Beck spends his time at K-LOVE searching online for nonprofits and agencies serving communities in areas where their radio network has stations. One of his current topics of interest is highlighting the existence of museums and other civic spaces which have been closed or very restricted during the pandemic. Dan was particularly interested in the Pueblo Railway Museum because he is a bit of a railroad fan himself!

This interview is a great way to learn more about who we are, why we do what we do, how you can visit us, how you can contribute to our work, and how we connect with and preserve Pueblo’s railroad history.

To listen to the radio interview, click here.

Paul’s Blog – July 17, 2021

On Saturday, July 17, we had a small crew out to the Museum to get the projects done. Dwight Maxey, Kendall Crouch, David Hunter and Paul Brown got busy first with cleaning and installing the blade on our semaphore signal. Then we cleaned up and adjusted the bell on our Wig Wag crossing signal. While this work was being completed, David did the final cuts and finished up the project to shorten one of our rail push carts. Watch for a future project to involve this cart! The crew broke for lunch, and then Kendall, Dwight and Paul did some track inspection work. A few items are being added to the project list due to this inspection!

I have included a few pictures of the day’s activities. As you can see, we do a bit of railfanning while inspecting track.

– Paul

Paul’s Blog – July 10, 2021

On Saturday July 10, we had a small group come out to work at the Museum. Colin Mellin, Dwight Maxey, Tyler Seeley and Paul Brown took on the big task of the day, weed removal. Weeds were pulled and mowed to get the job done. Our trusty case tractor with a mower deck did the easy open areas, and then a concentrated effort to pull weeds in hard to access areas was completed.

I have included a few pictures to illustrate this boring but more important task that has to be done in the scope of operating a Rail Museum.

– Paul

Paul’s Blog – July 3 and 4, 2021

On Saturday, July 3, we had a work crew consisting of Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Dan Reichenbach, John Breesawitz, Kendall Crouch, David Hunter and Paul Brown come out to get a few ties replaced in a crucial piece of track at the Museum. The track is the shop lead spur that curves away from our main running track. New ties were needed to combat a spreading gauge issue. Everyone worked hard in some hot muggy conditions to get the work done and enable us to get equipment out for the 4th of July. Watch for more work to be completed on the curve!

On Sunday, July 4, we had another good size crew come out to run our annual 4th of July event featuring The Patriot. Dan Reichenbach, John Breesawitz, Kendall Crouch, Dwight Maxey, Ron Roach, John McDowell, Romy Mars, Dee Applegate, Jerry Dandurand and Paul Brown were on hand today to sell tickets, greet and talk with our guests, and give them a fun train ride to help celebrate the 4th of July. We had a fair turnout of folks and even had visitors from as far away as New York City!! Quite the draw for our little museum. All of the volunteers worked hard to make sure the event was successful.

I have included a couple of pictures from both days to illustrate the work completed.

– Paul

Celebrate America’s Birthday!

On Sunday, July 4, the Pueblo Railway Museum will be running our annual July 4 Special at the Pueblo Union Depot. The event will take place from 9AM to 1PM. Face masks are no longer required for those who are vaccinated. For this event, we will be running our “big train”, featuring our Colorado & Wyoming GP7 “Patriot” engine #102 with two cabooses. Train ride tickets are $8 for a caboose ride, and $15 for a ride in the locomotive, with children under two free. Cash or check only, please.

Food will be provided for this event by the Steel City Café. Food cost is extra and is not included in the train ticket price.

Father’s Day Train – June 19, 2021

On Saturday, June 19, the Pueblo Railway Museum had a really good day for the Father’s Day Train Ride event. We had somewhere between 30 to 40 visitors take a Father’s Day ride on our train and cab rides seemed to rule the day! We also had a great turn out of volunteers to help! Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Kendall Crouch, John Breesawitz, Dan Reichenbach, Justin Cesar, Chris Fox, Ron Roach, Dee Applegate, Jerry Dandurand and Paul Brown all worked hard to make sure our visitors had a fun and safe experience. As happens with some of our events, visitors arrived slow at the beginning and then increased after the first hour or so making for a fast-paced day.

I have included a few pictures that I was able to grab to show the activity. Watch for updates on our website on our next event coming up in just two weeks on the Fourth of July!

– Paul

Special Father’s Day Train!

Join us on Saturday, June 19 at the Pueblo Union Depot, as the Pueblo Railway Museum hosts its special Father’s Day Train! This event will take place from 9AM to 1PM. Face masks are no longer required for those who are vaccinated. We will be running our red, white and blue Patriot engine for this event, along with two cabooses. Train ride tickets are $8 for a caboose ride, and $15 for a ride in the locomotive, with children under two free. Cash or check only, please.

For directions to the Pueblo Railway Museum, click here.

For a list of all of our planned 2021 events, click here.

Paul’s Blog – June 5, 2021

On Saturday, June 5, we had a small crew make it out to give the Patriot, Engine 102, a good cleaning. Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, John Breesawitz and Paul Brown handled the chore of cleaning up Engine 102. David Hunter made it out to work on modifying a small speeder trailer for some future duties.

Cleaning the locomotive is a big enough job that it is the only thing we got done today! This gets the engine ready for its use through the summer for numerous events. I was only able to take a couple of pictures today as scrubbing the engine takes too much time.

– Paul

Paul’s Blog – May 29, 2021

On Saturday, May 29, we had a small crew come out to take care of the equipment moves at the Museum. Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Dan Reichenbach and Paul Brown got busy getting the track speeders and Trackmobile equipment disassembled and stored in different corners of the shop area to get ready for the Summer event season. After finishing this work, Engine 104 was fired up and used to switch the AT&SF Waycar to an area just outside the shop door, so that work can start to get this car in shape. This move required grabbing a string of six cars and making one long move.

When this work was completed, the crew took a lunch break and then got to work starting up Engine 102 (the Patriot Engine) so that it can be prepared for use over the summer for our event trains. After sitting out the winter months, Engine 102 started right up and took a little trip out to the main running track to make sure the systems were working good. We finished up the day by parking 102 back in the shop until next week when it will get washed. This unit gets very dusty sitting in the shop for close to eight months.

I have included a few pictures of the morning work today

– Paul