Paul’s Blog – May 7, 2022

On Saturday, May 7, we had a good size crew consisting of Kendall Crouch, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley, Colin Mellin, Dwight Maxey, and Paul Brown, who came out to pay a little attention to our track. The first thing we did was to check and make some adjustments to the switch that caused us some trouble last week. We also straightened one of the point cross bars to allow the points to fit tight against the stock rail. Later next week, we will get the points built back up with welding and grinding. We also checked the gauge through the rails and set in a gauge rod to hold one area.

After a quick lunch break, we did some work to one of our switches on the shop lead tracks. This consisted of lubricating the moving parts and tightening some clamps. We finished up work and put the tools away, finally getting some much needed track work done. Don’t worry, there is more to come!

I have included a few pictures of today’s activity.

– Paul

Paul’s Blog – April 30, 2022

On Saturday, April 30, volunteers Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley and Paul Brown found out that all of our hard work to replace batteries on Engine 103 was worth the effort. Even after sitting for a week, the engine started with its own batteries and no outside help! Once the engine was running and warming up, the crew worked to clean up the cab and give the unit a thorough inspection to put it back in service. After our recent wind storms, the cab had a good coating of dust requiring vacuuming and wiping down. When these tasks were done, we worked to switch Engine 104 over to another shop track, and to switch the cabooses into proper order for use behind Engine 103. Then it was time to exercise 103 on our main running track.

Engine 103 is our highest use engine, which leads to some wear issues. One of those wear issues caused a bit of trouble while returning to the shop, as the engine picked a switch point and dropped one wheel into the gauge. We were able to rerail that wheel with a short move forward, and then had to do a bit of work to the offending switch point. After some adjustments, we slowly reversed Engine 103 back to a shop track to park it. Now we have another project at the Museum!

I have included a few pictures of today’s activities.

– Paul

Paul’s Blog – April 23, 2022

On Saturday, April 23, Colin Mellin, Dwight Maxey, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley and Paul Brown gathered to get the starting batteries back into Engine 103. After a very frustrating morning of dealing with a near flat tire on our Bobcat, and numerous missing tools, we were finally able to attack the project after lunch. We were able to concentrate for three hours and get the batteries in place and all the connections made. And, being the Museum way, every connector presented a problem! But, as always, the crew persevered, and accomplished what they started out to do. Due to the morning delays we were not able to put the charger on the batteries, nor did we try to start the locomotive. That will have to wait for another day.

I have included a few pictures of the work on Engine 103.

– Paul

Paul’s Blog – April 16, 2022

On Saturday, April 16, the Museum operated our Easter Bunny Express, complete with the Bunny Hutch Caboose! Colin Mellin, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley, Reid Adams, Ron Roach, Jerry Dandurand, Mary & Matt Winterrowd, John McDowell, and Paul Brown all worked hard to keep up with the crowds! Even the Easter Bunny was seen breaking a sweat to visit with everyone who came out! It sure seemed like everyone enjoyed the day out and the chance to do something different. We had around 200 riders for our Easter Bunny Express, so this was a great event for the Museum!

I have included a few pictures of today’s activities.

– Paul

Paul’s Blog – April 9, 2022

On Saturday, April 9, we had a small group, including Colin Mellin, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley, Dwight Maxey, and Paul Brown, who made it out to the museum to work on equipment to get things ready for next weekend’s Easter event. We were able to clean up the inside of the two cabooses for rides, as well as the cab of Engine 104. We also checked out systems on the engine. Finally, we coupled up to C&W Caboose #3, to test the air brakes on that caboose. After getting the car out of our display line up, repairing one of the brake beams, and reconnecting the brake rigging, we proceeded with the test. After sitting for such a long time, it took some persuasion to get the air to do it’s job, but she came around and behaved. Caboose #3 was then placed near our ticket office for final decorations.

If you can volunteer the time next Saturday from 11:00am to 3:00pm, please consider coming out, as we can always use help. If you are interested, use the Feedback Page on our website and let us know! Also, as you may have noticed in the photos, you never know who will come out to help take care of things at the Pueblo Railway Museum!!

– Paul

– Paul

Easter Bunny Express on April 16!

Join us on Saturday, April 16, at the Pueblo Union Depot, as we kick off the Pueblo Railway Museum’s 2022 train ride season! Our Easter Bunny Express event will take place from 11AM to 3PM. We will be running our big train for this event, featuring one of our GP7 engines and two cabooses. Train ride tickets are $15 for a ride in the engine, and $8 for a ride in one of the cabooses. Cash or check only, please.

Our Colorado & Wyoming caboose #3 will be located near the train ride. This caboose has been decorated inside as a “bunny hutch”, and should be great fun for the kids. The Easter Bunny will also be on hand to greet our guests!

Some of our museum volunteers will be running a “hot dog stand” for this event. The cost of the food is not included in the train ride fare.

For a list of all of our planned events in 2022, click here.

Paul’s Blog – March 19, 2022

On Saturday, March 19, a small crew consisting of Colin Mellin, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley and Paul Brown spent the day in the shop cleaning up. And that is all we did. It took several hours to clean up a number of work benches and some of the shop floor area. Years of accumulated stuff can really pile up! This was a pretty mundane task and I did not take any pictures to share.

– Paul

Paul’s Blog – March 12, 2022

On Saturday, March 12, Colin Mellin, Kendall Crouch, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley, John McDowell, and Paul Brown got busy and removed one of the trucks out from under C&W Caboose #3, to replace the brake beam and hook up the brake linkage. We used a nice set of air operated jacks we have in the shop to raise the car, and then rolled the truck out. The team came up with a good idea to use a stick of 40# rail and two track jacks to raise the truck up enough to roll an axle out of the way, and allow open access to the brake beam. We were able to reinstall the part properly and put the wheels back in. After a quick lunch, the crew came back to roll the truck back under the car, and reattach the remainder of the brake rods to allow full use of the brakes. We then reattached the steps to finish the job.

I have provided a few pictures to illustrate the work accomplished today. It is great to be able to get so much work done in one work session!

– Paul

Photos by Paul Brown and Tyler Seeley

A Special Collaboration

AT&SF #2912, built in 1944, and one of only six surviving “Santa Fe 2900 Class” engines, is pictured here sitting pretty behind the Pueblo Union Depot in September 2017. In a collaboration between the Pueblo Railway Museum and Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation, two components from this engine will be exchanged for equivalent components of Chesapeake & Ohio engine #2716, to help Kentucky Steam get 2716 back up and operational.

For more details, see Kentucky Steam’s press release.

To learn more about the history of our 2912 steam engine, click here.

Paul’s Blog – March 5, 2022

On Saturday, March 5, Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Justin Cesar, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley and Paul Brown were able to work on multiple tasks at the Museum. Dwight and Tyler did some electrical work on our cabooses, preparing for a refurbished system to accommodate the new generator. Justin and Tanner worked on our donated high rail truck, which has been waiting for some attention since last December. They were able to check the operation of the crane and the rail wheels. Paul and Colin worked a bit more on the C&W #3 caboose, and came to the conclusion that the truck will have to be taken out from under the car to get the brake beam in proper position. They did some work to remove the steps from one end to facilitate the removal of the truck at a future work day.

We had a quick lunch break and reassembled to do some more work to the high rail truck, and then take it for a test run on the rails. We are happy to report that the truck rides the rails pretty well. Now we need to work to outfit the truck with equipment to fix track and do other maintenance items.

I have included a few pictures of today’s work.

– Paul