Paul’s Blog – May 22, 2021

On Saturday, May 22, Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Kendall and Lynnette Crouch, Dan Reichenbach, Reid Adams, Alex Rivera, David Hunter, Ron Roach, Dee Applegate, Jerry Dandurand and Paul Brown were all out to support the running of the T-Rex Express. This is one of our events that features our speeders and the Trackmobile. It gives us a chance to highlight some equipment that most people may not be familiar with, the equipment used by the track workers and the shop workers on railroads. We had about 30 guests come out to ride, but due to rain, we had to cut the event short by about an hour. A shout out to John McDowell for his work in getting the decorations on the equipment and putting things together, and to Colin and Dwight for work they did to get the Trackmobile operational.

Pictures below are from Paul Brown and Kendall Crouch

– Paul

Paul’s Blog – May 8, 2021

On Saturday, May 8, we had a good crew make it out to the Museum to get a list of items completed. Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Kendall Crouch, John Breesawitz, Dan Reichenbach, Reid Adams and Paul Brown were kept busy through the day. We started with Dan, John, Kendall and Paul cleaning gravel and debris from our two street crossings. This has to be done once in a while, so equipment can roll through without threat of derailing. We all then jumped on board Engine 104 and the cabooses, to do a bit of main track running. The run finished up by switching Engine 103 to another yard lead, to allow for the Trackmobile Express to be used in an upcoming event. We took a quick lunch break, and then did the work required to assemble all the small equipment that makes up the Trackmobile Express which includes a number of our track “speeders”.

After that work was completed, we split into a couple of different tasks, with John and Reid working to clean out the Santa Fe Waycar for future restoration work. Paul, Kendall and Dan went out to the main running track to finish pulling up some rail that we had started on during last week’s work session. Dwight did some troubleshooting work on the
electric controls in our two new signals. All in all, a very productive day.

I have included a few pictures of some of the work done.

– Paul

The Dinosaurs Are Coming!

Join us on Saturday, May 22 at the Pueblo Union Depot, as the dinosaurs return to the Pueblo Railway Museum! Our “T-Rex Express” event will take place from 11AM to 3PM. Face masks will still be required, and we will continue to practice social distancing measures. We will be running our little “putt-putt” train for this event (see the flyer graphic below), decorated with all sorts of prehistoric creatures! All train ride tickets are $6, with children under two free. Cash or check only, please.

For a list of all of our planned 2021 events, click here.

Paul’s Blog – May 1, 2021

On Saturday, May 1, some hardy souls jumped in to battle the heat and get a few ties replaced. Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Kendall Crouch, Pascal Bartilow, John Breesawitz, and Paul Brown worked through the hottest temperatures so far this year to get a few ties replaced in our main running track. For a couple of members of the crew, this was a learning experience, as it was their first time replacing ties. I am sure they will attest to this being some hard work!! We spent the morning removing the ties and preparing the roadbed for the installation. The crew soon learned the great difference in size between old rotten ties and newer wood in good condition which you can see in the first picture. The newer ties were placed under the rail, and it was time for a lunch break.

After lunch, the crew headed out to spike the ties up, tamp in some ballast, and dress the right of way to finish the work. We also spent a short time taking out a couple of sections of rail which lead to a removed section of platform track. After baking in the heat, everyone was glad to call it a day!! I have included a few pictures to illustrate the tie work completed.

– Paul

Paul’s Blog – April 24, 2021

On Saturday, April 24, we had a few people show up for some fun. Colin Mellin, David Hunter, Dwight Maxey, Geoff Barker and Paul Brown were busy with the variety of tasks scheduled. Dave kept up the progress on a small project to shorten the wheel base on one of our small rail carts. He was able to drill new mounting holes for one of the axles. Paul and Colin made a morning of the tumble weed clean up. With only the two of them they burned up three hours just clearing out blown in trees, I mean tumble weeds. With the size of some of these, you would think ponderosa pines had blown down off the mountains!! Dwight stayed busy in the shop yard. After lunch, Geoff joined the crew to work on wiring the signals that were installed a couple weeks back. A few hours work and we had them working! Now we just need to fine tune the operation of the semaphore and get the bell awakened on the wig wag.

Thanks to all for the effort today! I have included a few pictures to illustrate the work today.

– Paul

New webpage: “The Museum”

Based on feedback from our web visitors, I have added a new page to the website, titled “The Museum“. This page shows where to go for our public events, where to find our trainyard, and where our restoration shop is. From this page, you can also learn when our train rides are available, and how to get a guided tour. The page is especially useful for those who have never been to the Museum, and want to know what to expect when they visit.

Thanks for following our blog! If you have any suggestions about the Museum or our website, send us your feedback!

– Dave

Paul’s Blog – April 10, 2021

On Saturday, April 10, Dwight Maxey, Kendall Crouch, David Hunter, Pascal Bartilow, Colin Mellin, John Breesawitz and Paul Brown all made it out to the Museum to help stand up our Semaphore Signal and the Wig Wag Crossing signal. The crew started by getting the all thread in the concrete bases ready to accept the mounting hardware. David made short work of this with his angle grinder as the threads needed some grooming to accept the nuts being used to hold the masts to the base. Then it was time to grab the Semaphore with the Bobcat and lift and move it from where it has been stored the last three years. It took a little careful work by Kendall, John, Pascal and Paul to get the mast vertical and ready to set on the base. Due to some excellent pattern work done by Colin, our mounting studs were in perfect alignment with the holes in the signal base and it dropped right on.

After a quick lunch break, we grabbed the Wig Wag Signal and lifted it to get it vertical. After some more careful handling, the signal was ready to be installed on the base. This signal required a little effort as there was closer clearances between the holes in the signal base and the mounting studs. After a bit of persuasion with a hammer we got this signal installed too.

We went back to the Semaphore signal to install the maintenance access ladder, and then did a bit of clean up to the electrical cabinets on each signal. Now all we need to do is install the wiring to provide electric power and we can make the signals operate for demonstrations. Thanks to the volunteers for their effort to knock this project out – it has been on the list of things to do for a while now!

I have included some pictures to illustrate the work completed today.

– Paul

New Rocket Car article

The Pueblo Railway Museum is included in a new article by Leslie James on the “Out There Colorado” website, titled “16 Weird Roadside Attractions in Colorado”. The Museum has many unusual items, but truly unique among them are our three “Rocket Cars”, and it is these vehicles that are highlighted in the article. Thanks to Out There Colorado for posting this article. It will help bring more traffic to both our website and our Museum!

To see Leslie’s article on the Out There Colorado website, click here.

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To learn more about our Rocket Cars, check out our Rocket Cars page.

– Dave

Paul’s Blog – April 3, 2021

On Saturday April 3, we held our Easter Train event. Dwight Maxey, Dan Reichenbach, Reid Adams, Nick Valdez, Ron Roach, John McDowell, Dee Applegate, Romey Mars and Paul Brown all made it out to pull the event together. With Ron and Dee selling tickets, and John as the Easter Bunny, we attracted in about 60 riders to enjoy the warm sunshine and a short train ride. Romey kept things disinfected on the equipment while Dwight, Dan, Reid, Nick and Paul made sure the train operation went smooth, and our guests enjoyed themselves. The warm temps were surely nice, and everyone seemed to enjoy a slow train ride with the windows and doors open!

I have included a few pictures of today’s activities.

– Paul

Paul’s Blog – March 27, 2021

On Saturday March 27, Dwight Maxey, Kendall Crouch, Dan Reichenbach, David Hunter, Colin Mellin, and Paul Brown gathered at the D Street Shop to get another couple of projects crossed off the list. Kendall, Dan and Paul spent a few hours placing the slag roadbase down around the new concrete signal bases and covering the shop lead tracks in the continuing job to provide a clean, level working surface around our equipment. Dwight was busy in the shop upgrading an older battery charger for use with the different batteries we have in the other various equipment. David helped him for a bit, before jumping into a small project to shorten one of our rail carts. He did the work to unbolt one of the axles so that it can be relocated on the frame to allow the cuts to be made for the shorter length.

There was a break for lunch, and then Kendall, Dan, Colin, and Paul worked on sorting and restacking a large pile of switch ties we had in the yard. This allowed us to identify the lengths we have and to get the pile organized. We finished up around 4PM with some very Spring-like temperatures!

I have included a few pictures of the gravel work and a before and after shot of the pile of ties that were sorted. Thanks to the volunteers today for the hard work!

– Paul