Paul’s Blog – April 24, 2021

On Saturday, April 24, we had a few people show up for some fun. Colin Mellin, David Hunter, Dwight Maxey, Geoff Barker and Paul Brown were busy with the variety of tasks scheduled. Dave kept up the progress on a small project to shorten the wheel base on one of our small rail carts. He was able to drill new mounting holes for one of the axles. Paul and Colin made a morning of the tumble weed clean up. With only the two of them they burned up three hours just clearing out blown in trees, I mean tumble weeds. With the size of some of these, you would think ponderosa pines had blown down off the mountains!! Dwight stayed busy in the shop yard. After lunch, Geoff joined the crew to work on wiring the signals that were installed a couple weeks back. A few hours work and we had them working! Now we just need to fine tune the operation of the semaphore and get the bell awakened on the wig wag.

Thanks to all for the effort today! I have included a few pictures to illustrate the work today.

– Paul

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