Paul’s Blog – May 8, 2021

On Saturday, May 8, we had a good crew make it out to the Museum to get a list of items completed. Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Kendall Crouch, John Breesawitz, Dan Reichenbach, Reid Adams and Paul Brown were kept busy through the day. We started with Dan, John, Kendall and Paul cleaning gravel and debris from our two street crossings. This has to be done once in a while, so equipment can roll through without threat of derailing. We all then jumped on board Engine 104 and the cabooses, to do a bit of main track running. The run finished up by switching Engine 103 to another yard lead, to allow for the Trackmobile Express to be used in an upcoming event. We took a quick lunch break, and then did the work required to assemble all the small equipment that makes up the Trackmobile Express which includes a number of our track “speeders”.

After that work was completed, we split into a couple of different tasks, with John and Reid working to clean out the Santa Fe Waycar for future restoration work. Paul, Kendall and Dan went out to the main running track to finish pulling up some rail that we had started on during last week’s work session. Dwight did some troubleshooting work on the
electric controls in our two new signals. All in all, a very productive day.

I have included a few pictures of some of the work done.

– Paul

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