Paul’s Blog – July 17, 2021

On Saturday, July 17, we had a small crew out to the Museum to get the projects done. Dwight Maxey, Kendall Crouch, David Hunter and Paul Brown got busy first with cleaning and installing the blade on our semaphore signal. Then we cleaned up and adjusted the bell on our Wig Wag crossing signal. While this work was being completed, David did the final cuts and finished up the project to shorten one of our rail push carts. Watch for a future project to involve this cart! The crew broke for lunch, and then Kendall, Dwight and Paul did some track inspection work. A few items are being added to the project list due to this inspection!

I have included a few pictures of the day’s activities. As you can see, we do a bit of railfanning while inspecting track.

– Paul

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