Paul’s Blog – January 22, 2022

On Saturday, January 22, Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Kendall Crouch, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley and Paul Brown concentrated on building the bracket for the generator on the Mo-Pac caboose. This generator is what we use to power things like our Pueblo Express Christmas train lights. Once we got started assembling the parts, we had to keep going to see how things would work out. With some careful measuring, finding the hardware in our tool room, and getting tools that worked, we were able to set the generator in place and check clearances, as well as start it for a noise check inside the caboose. We will need to do some fine tuning to the set up and paint the assembly before we call this project complete. Then we can set up the new wiring arrangement on each of the cabooses.

I have included a few pictures to show what the crew accomplished.

– Paul

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