Paul’s Blog – January 29, 2022

On Saturday, January 29, Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley and Paul Brown enjoyed a great winter day (that means it was nice and warm) to continue work on the caboose generator project, and to do more prep work on Engine 103’s battery box. While Paul was busy removing the cruddy rusted bottom in the battery box, the rest of the crew were busy adding a couple of braces and finalizing the assembly of the generator platform on our Mo-Pac caboose. The major work is now complete, and we just need to attend to some details before we can do some wiring on the caboose to connect the generator output to our train set. Engine 103 needs a little welding completed and the replacement battery to get delivered, and we can wrap up these projects.

I have included a few pictures to give an idea of the work done.

– Paul

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