Paul’s Blog – February 26, 2022

On Saturday, February 26, we worked on a variety of things at the Museum. Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Kendall Crouch, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley, and Paul Brown stayed warm by changing out the automatic brake handle on Engine 102. We then crawled under C&W Caboose #3 to detach some brake rigging, and drop down a brake beam that was improperly installed by previous volunteers many years ago. This was actually quite cold laying on the ground under a caboose, so after lunch, we worked on reinstalling an access door on Engine 103, and finishing the generator platform on the Mo-Pac caboose. We also did a small modification to our Porta John to allow more convenient night time use!

I have included a few pictures of some of the work accomplished today.

– Paul

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