Paul’s Blog – March 12, 2022

On Saturday, March 12, Colin Mellin, Kendall Crouch, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley, John McDowell, and Paul Brown got busy and removed one of the trucks out from under C&W Caboose #3, to replace the brake beam and hook up the brake linkage. We used a nice set of air operated jacks we have in the shop to raise the car, and then rolled the truck out. The team came up with a good idea to use a stick of 40# rail and two track jacks to raise the truck up enough to roll an axle out of the way, and allow open access to the brake beam. We were able to reinstall the part properly and put the wheels back in. After a quick lunch, the crew came back to roll the truck back under the car, and reattach the remainder of the brake rods to allow full use of the brakes. We then reattached the steps to finish the job.

I have provided a few pictures to illustrate the work accomplished today. It is great to be able to get so much work done in one work session!

– Paul

Photos by Paul Brown and Tyler Seeley

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