Paul’s Blog – April 9, 2022

On Saturday, April 9, we had a small group, including Colin Mellin, Tyler Seeley, Tanner Seeley, Dwight Maxey, and Paul Brown, who made it out to the museum to work on equipment to get things ready for next weekend’s Easter event. We were able to clean up the inside of the two cabooses for rides, as well as the cab of Engine 104. We also checked out systems on the engine. Finally, we coupled up to C&W Caboose #3, to test the air brakes on that caboose. After getting the car out of our display line up, repairing one of the brake beams, and reconnecting the brake rigging, we proceeded with the test. After sitting for such a long time, it took some persuasion to get the air to do it’s job, but she came around and behaved. Caboose #3 was then placed near our ticket office for final decorations.

If you can volunteer the time next Saturday from 11:00am to 3:00pm, please consider coming out, as we can always use help. If you are interested, use the Feedback Page on our website and let us know! Also, as you may have noticed in the photos, you never know who will come out to help take care of things at the Pueblo Railway Museum!!

– Paul

– Paul

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