Paul’s Blog – August 20, 2022

This past weekend we had two calls for work, a rare instance!

First, on Friday, August 19, we had a charter group rent the train set for a couple of rides and a shop tour. Arrangements where made by Ron Roach, who also served as tour guide, and the train was crewed by Colin Mellin, Tyler Seeley, John McDowell and Paul Brown. The group enjoyed a couple trips on the main running track, and a rare trip by train to the D Street Shop to tour our shop and see equipment kept there. Our visitors commented that they had a great time!

Second, on Saturday, August 20, we had volunteers Dwight Maxey, Reid Adams, Pascal Bartilow and Paul Brown doing a variety of work in the shop area. We moved some materials in the yard, mowed some weeds in the newly fenced area, and Pascal was doing some clean up work to our US Army Crane. A lot of little projects were caught up with and some new projects were discovered!

I was only able to take a couple of pictures of the charter group visiting the shop, so I have included those to give another perspective on what we are able to do at the Museum.

– Paul

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