Paul’s Blog – September 10, 2022

On Saturday, September 10, volunteers Colin Mellin, Dwight Maxey, John McDowell, Reid Adams, and Paul Brown enjoyed a respite from the heat wave, with some cloudy, cool weather, and stayed busy switching around many cars in our shop yard. After opening up a dead end spur track – that used to be unsecured because it was outside our fence – it was time to stuff it full with some equipment that doesn’t get regularly used and ends up being in the way. We spotted one old passenger car, the 44 tonner, and three odd freight cars on the spur, which opened some space for other projects. We were also able to bring the car we use for our Halloween event into the yard, so work could be done to improve it.

The work was done slowly, due to the equipment not being regularly used, and the track condition. It made for a long day, but we worked safely and had no incidents that caused delay or damage. Many thanks to the volunteer crew for their work! I have included a few pictures to illustrate the work done. Watch for some more exciting projects coming soon!

– Paul

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