December 16-17 Christmas Event

This past Friday and Saturday evening, December 16 and 17, we held our Christmas Train Ride event at the Pueblo Railway Museum. We had very good visitor turn out, with nearly 150 on Friday evening, and well over 200 on Saturday evening! This makes for a very busy evening for the volunteers, but it is also very fun. Despite very cold temperatures, people were having fun, and we kept all warm in our toasty cabooses and locomotive cab.

On Friday, our volunteers were Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Reid Adams, Ron Roach, Nick Valdez, John McDowell, Justin Cesar, Tony Gherna, Roberta Elliott, Maureen King, Romey Mars, and Paul Brown.

On Saturday, we had Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Virginia Mick, Cynthia Jaramillo, Donna Jaramillo, Ron Roach, John McDowell, Ken Valdez, Nick Valdez, Reid Adams, Chris Fox, Justin Cesar, Tony Gherna, Roberta Elliott, Kendall Crouch, Lynette Crouch, and Paul Brown, a great outpouring of volunteer help!

I have included a few pictures from the event that I hope you enjoy.

Watch for our next event on Dec 24th, Christmas Eve that has become a tradition with some Pueblo families. Hope you can join us!

– Paul

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