Pueblo Railway Museum at the TECO show

On Saturday and Sunday, February 4 and 5, Kendall Crouch, Mike Walker, Gustavo Veed, and Paul Brown staffed a table at the TECO Train Show in Colorado Springs. We were invited to set up a table with info at the show, along with other Colorado rail museums and tourist railroads, as part of the show’s theme of “trains you can ride in Colorado.”

Our volunteers spent the time talking with visitors, letting them know about the Museum and what we have to offer to those interested in railroad history. We handed out flyers with information about the Museum, and a schedule of our events for 2023. We gave out over 30 schedules! We were also able to talk with a few visitors that may be interested in volunteering at the Museum. And we were able to speak with members of other museums to see what they are up to for the coming year.

I have included a picture of our table display and a panoramic photo of the show venue. It was kind of difficult to take pictures while talking with visitors!

– Paul

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