Paul’s Blog – April 1, 2023

On Saturday, April 1, Colin Mellin, Dwight Maxey and Paul Brown completed all the scheduled work we planned. Work started with jumping in the maintenance truck and heading out to clear accumulated stones and dirt from our two grade crossings. We checked on some track over by the power plant next. Then we headed over by Union Depot to check on the broken joint bar we had to replace back at Christmas time. We were able to drift the joint close enough together to get two more bolts in to finish that work. One of these weekends, we need to replace ties under that joint!

After lunch we fired up Engine 104 and switched the cabooses around to get things ready for next week’s Easter event. The C&W Caboose #3 is set up as the bunny hutch, and we placed it over by the collection where we load. The weekday crew will get things ready for the event.

After the main work ended, Paul did a little more work on our archeological dig in the shop yard. Sorry, but I only have a couple of pictures of the caboose move, so you will have to show up at the Museum to see the treasures we are uncovering!

– Paul

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