Paul’s Blog – April 22, 2023

On Saturday April 22, Dwight Maxey and Paul Brown braved the cold temps and a bit of snow to work at the Museum. They worked on two projects that could be done indoors while staying warm. First we assembled the cords that will be the jumpers to carry the generator power between our cabooses we use for events. We assembled the plug ends on four cords, and then checked how it would hook up on the receptacles we previously installed on the cabooses.

After taking a quick lunch break, we finished the jumper assembles and then cleaned up and installed some hangers for our large cable we use to power the Kim Hot Start block heaters on our locomotives. This cable has been coiled on the floor for many years, and it was time to hang it up to help protect it. We finished a bit early and headed home.

I have included a few pictures to give you an idea of the work accomplished.

– Paul

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