Paul’s Blog – Feb 27, 2021

On Saturday 2/27, Dwight Maxey, David Hunter, Kendall Crouch, Colin Mellin and Paul Brown got busy at the Museum. We worked on a variety of tasks with David and Kendall taking on the biggest task of pulling spikes and tie plates from ties to get them ready for reuse. They used our new spike puller which sure makes things easy on the back! While some of the work still required the good old pry bar the impact driver powered tool speeds up the work considerably! Colin spent a good part of the morning cutting old pallets apart to fit them in the trash. Paul and Dwight did a start up of Engine #104 to make sure the cold snap didn’t cause any problems as this engine will be getting used later the Spring. We also found that Engine #103 lost one of it’s batteries due to the extremely cold temperatures. It now has a cell that cracked and will not hold electrolyte. So now we have to determine if just one battery needs replaced or the entire set.

After lunch, we did a bit of planning for projects that are on our to-do list. Hopefully we will have a Spring this year and not four more months of Winter! Below are a few pictures of Kendall and David with the new tool.

– Paul

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