Paul’s Blog – March 20, 2021

On Saturday March 20, Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Kendall Crouch, Dan Reichenbach and Paul Brown accepted delivery of a cubic yard of concrete to fill the forms for the two signal bases that we have been working on for several months now, with a few delays due to other projects being completed. We used the left over concrete to fill in a large pot hole in front of the D Street Shop that has a pretty interesting feature that you will have to visit the shop to see as I will not describe it here. Dan spent a couple of hours working the finish work on the concrete and Kendall and Paul set the all-thread in the bases to allow bolting the signals to the base. Dwight and Colin provided support to who ever needed it. This is a big step in this project which should accelerate it’s completion!

After the concrete work was complete, we did the switching work with Engine 104 to rearrange where the engines were parked, and then took the caboose consist out to the main running track to have some fun and give free rides to some lucky visitors. Pascal Bartilow joined us for some running time on Engine 104.

Petar Sredojevic was spotted cleaning debris from the top of the loading dock on the south side of the yard where the new track is to be installed. This is the first time that this writer has seen the dock cleaned off in the six years he has been a Museum member!!

Overall a great day with excellent weather and a step towards completion of a big project. I have included a few pictures of the work done today.

– Paul

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