Paul’s Blog – March 27, 2021

On Saturday March 27, Dwight Maxey, Kendall Crouch, Dan Reichenbach, David Hunter, Colin Mellin, and Paul Brown gathered at the D Street Shop to get another couple of projects crossed off the list. Kendall, Dan and Paul spent a few hours placing the slag roadbase down around the new concrete signal bases and covering the shop lead tracks in the continuing job to provide a clean, level working surface around our equipment. Dwight was busy in the shop upgrading an older battery charger for use with the different batteries we have in the other various equipment. David helped him for a bit, before jumping into a small project to shorten one of our rail carts. He did the work to unbolt one of the axles so that it can be relocated on the frame to allow the cuts to be made for the shorter length.

There was a break for lunch, and then Kendall, Dan, Colin, and Paul worked on sorting and restacking a large pile of switch ties we had in the yard. This allowed us to identify the lengths we have and to get the pile organized. We finished up around 4PM with some very Spring-like temperatures!

I have included a few pictures of the gravel work and a before and after shot of the pile of ties that were sorted. Thanks to the volunteers today for the hard work!

– Paul

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