Paul’s Blog – April 3, 2021

On Saturday April 3, we held our Easter Train event. Dwight Maxey, Dan Reichenbach, Reid Adams, Nick Valdez, Ron Roach, John McDowell, Dee Applegate, Romey Mars and Paul Brown all made it out to pull the event together. With Ron and Dee selling tickets, and John as the Easter Bunny, we attracted in about 60 riders to enjoy the warm sunshine and a short train ride. Romey kept things disinfected on the equipment while Dwight, Dan, Reid, Nick and Paul made sure the train operation went smooth, and our guests enjoyed themselves. The warm temps were surely nice, and everyone seemed to enjoy a slow train ride with the windows and doors open!

I have included a few pictures of today’s activities.

– Paul

One thought on “Paul’s Blog – April 3, 2021

  1. We attended the Easter Express and had a great time. Our kids loved it! Thank you for putting these little rides on. We are looking forward to the T-Rex one!


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