Back To School Train on August 21

Our Back To School Train event is scheduled for Saturday, August 21. The event will take place from 9AM to 1PM behind the Pueblo Union Depot building. We will be running our red, white and blue “Patriot” engine with two cabooses.

Train ride tickets are $15 for a ride in the locomotive, and $8 for a caboose ride. Children two and under ride the train free. There is no “entrance fee” to attend the event.

Steel City Café will be serving food at this event, with hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos, quesadillas and more! The food price is not included in the train ticket price.

At this time, there are no mask restrictions planned for this event.

For more information, contact our Tour Guide, Ron Roach at 719-544-1773.

For a list of all of our planned 2021 events, click here.

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