Paul’s Blog – August 6, 2022

On Saturday August 6, we had a small crew consisting of Dwight Maxey, Colin Mellin, Tanner Seeley and Paul Brown brave some hot temperatures to get the work done at the Museum. We spent the morning driving spikes in the three long ties we have been replacing the last few weekends. There were 27 spikes to drive, and it took all of three hours just to get that done. With the heat, many breaks were taken to recover from each round with the sledge hammer! Somebody actually caught pictures of Paul doing some work.

After taking a break for lunch and cooling off, the crew worked on cleaning out stored material from around the display of high speed test cars near the front of the D Street shop yard. Since the Museum had a mention in the 5280 Magazine, we thought we better clean up that area for the rush of visitors we may get. It took a lot of trips with the Bobcat to move the pallets full of material into our newly fenced in yard area.

The 5280 article, which features our Museum as one of many suggested Pueblo day-trip destinations, can be found here.

I am including a few pictures to illustrate the work done.

– Paul

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