Paul’s Blog – September 25, 2021

On Saturday, September 25, we had a small crew make it out to switch some equipment around at the Museum. Dwight Maxey, Dan Reichenbach, John McDowell, Tyler Seeley, and Paul Brown fired up Engine 104, and set out to move some cars around to get the equipment set up for next month’s Halloween event. The two cars needed for the event were on two different tracks and buried behind other equipment. Not a problem, just kick off the hand brakes and start banging cars around. We also used the Trackmobile to move a couple pieces of equipment due to their location, and have a run around track. Thanks to John and Tyler for a bit of work earlier in the week to get a street crossing cleared that we needed, and thanks also to Ron Roach for a quick run to get fuel for the Trackmobile. It takes a team effort to get things done at the Museum!

I have included a few pictures to give you an idea of the equipment moved.

– Paul

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